Clare and Jake


Episode 1 follows Clare and Jake as they deal with a tragedy that strikes both families in different ways as they form a relationship with one another. 

Episode 2 continues the journey of Clare and Jake. Listen as Jake is temped by the Demon Lilith. Will Jake succumb to the evil temptress or will he follow his path with Clare. 

Episode 3 concludes the story of Clare and Jake. Do Clare and Jake repair their relationship? Find out in the latest episode of The Angel Among Us

August 16, 2020

The Angel Among Us Episode4

Jackson and Samantha


Episode 4 focuses on the next generation of the Morgan family. Clare and Jake's son Jackson is a crabber in Southern Maryland. He falls for a girl named Samantha Teets but of course, Lilith is not finished with the Morgan family and is now after the eldest son of Clare and Jake. 

Jackson and Samantha go on their first date and start to fall in love. Lilith attempts to ruin their relationship before it even gets going after a church softball game. Meanwhile, Samuel knows a conflict with Lilith is coming but he's not sure if he has the power to defeat her this time. Jackson and Samantha continue to date and Jackson is started to feel like she is the one! 

Jackson and Samantha's relationship continues to grow, to the dismay of Lilith of course. Lilith tries to claim Jackson's soul again, even using Samantha as her pawn, but Samuel has had enough. Hear the clash between the Angel and the Demon in the ultimate battle of good vs evil. Does Samuel win and the couple lives happily ever after, or does Lilith win and claim Jackson's soul for all eternity?

September 2, 2020

The Angel Among Us Episode 7

Part 3  Andrew and Ava


Episode 7 introduces us to the next generation of the Morgan Family, Samantha and Jackson's son Andrew. Tragedy once again struck the Morgan family but in the wake of his grandfathers death, Andrew rekindles his relationship with his college girlfriend Ava. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy for a delicious Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham recipe. 

September 3, 2020

The Angel Among Us Episode 8

Episode 8 brings a big decision for the Morgan family, what to do with the farm after Clare announced her retirement. Andrew has a big idea for the farm that would get them out of the tobacco industry and into a new direction. 

September 3, 2020

The Angel Among Us Episode 9

Join us for the epic conclusion of The Angel Among Us. The final battle between Samuel and Lilith ends in a shocking fashion, Andrew and Ava wed, and the matriarch of the Morgan family passes away....but with a new job waiting for her in heaven.

Thank you to everyone who as listened along and enjoyed this podcast. This project took over three years to happen, hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed doing it for you!

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